Michelle Lew

Digital product designer and strategist

Things I do

Design user interfaces and services
Create new product concepts
Develop research and strategy
Build and lead design teams

Where to find me

+1 (415) 935-3834
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About Me

I'm a lead designer at Moment, where I help my clients at Fortune 500 companies create and launch new user-centered products that are critical to their innovation and growth in three rapidly evolving industries: finance, media, and healthcare.

Outside of my day job, I work on a few fun side projects with a small collective of creative friends called the SIBlings. Inspired by our college hackathon days, we get together for quarterly hacking "retreats." (There's no pizza or Red Bull these days... We're grown-ups now, after all.) Most recently, we launched a fun SMS-based emoji pictionary game hosted by an overly enthusiastic bot.

Before all this, I was at Carnegie Mellon studying human-computer interaction and working with an early-stage social media startup to hone its product vision. I also had a previous career as an economist / engineer / all-around data nerd at UC Berkeley and PG&E, where I modeled California's electrical power system and helped the state set its bleeding-edge renewable energy policy. It turns out I'm a sucker for messy problems, whether the medium is people, data, design, or anything in between.